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Read on and discover how the anyLogistix software tool can help transform logistics networks. By using our AI-powered route algorithm, Senpex is a last-mile on-demand delivery platform for businesses. We have developed Senpex API to integrate with different e-commerce & marketplaces and efficiently cover their logistics.

Design and optimize your supply chain digital twin and get a competitive advantage with anyLogistix software. We help you deliver fresh food to your customers by choosing the best courier and adapting to your customer’s needs. Search our databases of the Top 100 providers in key segments of the supply chain industry. We believe the best solutions are powered by technology, driven by data, and delivered by people. With tech tailored to the unique needs of shippers and carriers, plus a world-class team of problem solvers committed to keeping your business moving 24/7, we have you covered. We’re a full-service logistics provider with over 800,000 square feet of highly secure warehouse space at facilities across America.


On average, candidates who have been placed by winning agencies are 1.7 times more likely to be completely satisfied with the services provided compared to those placed by non-winning agencies. Their blockchain based protocols does so by automating away the middlemen, and reward users for providing critical functions which marketplaces today offer such as referrals, ratings, task verification, and dispute resolution. The Blue Whale Foundation is building the world’s largest decentralized ecosystem for the self-employed. Founded by the CEO of Verlocal and a team of former Oracle and NASA executives, Blue Whale Foundation aims to utilize blockchain solutions to build an extensive sharing ecosystem where everyone benefits equally. AnyLogistix combines analytical optimization with powerful simulation technology, enabling the testing of ideas, to see how innovations will work in the real world, free of risk.

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LogisticsX aims to utilise blockchain technology to create a decentralised platform that will tackle the challenges in the last-mile logistics. It is envisioned that the trustless nature of the platform will provide the foundation for a harmonized ecosystem between the different stakeholders involved in the last-mile process. LogisticsX will introduce sharing economy into the ecosystem, utilizing untapped space and time to further enhance the efficiency. As one of the fastest-growing logistics providers in the 3PL industry, Crane’s continuous focus is to provide expert solutions to address our client’s logistics challenges. Our air freight, ocean freight, and warehouse solutions are available to you all over the world! As a full-service global freight forwarder and contract logistics provider, we offer both air and ocean freight supported by warehouse solutions providing all you need to address your supply chain challenges.


By protecting parcel transit details in the blockchain, there is no longer a requirement to require implicit trust between Logistics Provider records.” By protecting parcel transit details in the blockchain, there is no longer a requirement to require…” By protecting parcel transit details in the blockchain, there is no longer a requirement to require implicit trust between Logistics Provider records. What is LogisticsX envisions to set forth the global common standard for the connection between logistics stakeholders to increase efficiency in a global parcel delivery network. They aim to utilise blockchain technology to create a decentralised platform.

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The course program is designed by anyLogistix developers, who introduced the software to businesses. And we deliver with a thoughtful response from a person, not an algorithm or spreadsheet. Our Jones family prides ourselves on solving difficult logistics questions. It’s a result of our experience in the unpredictable, high-intensity world of pipeline construction, where flexibility, perseverance and speed are a premium. And our family is reinventing what’s possible in the transportation industry.

  • Order Fulfillment Our services span assembly, pick and pack, and full-service kitting.
  • Currently operating in Cairo, the company grew to be the biggest ecommerce delivery service in the country.
  • Whether the need is dedicated logistics, managed transportation or freight brokerage, Jones delivers stability to supply chains.
  • RK Logistics Group has capabilities above and beyond traditional logistics, offering enhanced customized services to meet exacting requirements in a range of specialty areas.
  • Our Data Science and Market Intelligence teams track real-time internal and industry data to provide you with analysis and insights on changing conditions, evolving trends, pricing strategy, and route optimization.

We are in our strongest position ever, and we are continuing down the path to becoming a Top 5 global logistics player. Supply chain problems continue to dominate headlines across the globe. In response, companies seek ways to increase visibility to help build more resilient supply chains. However, increasing the pace of digital transformation opens up an array of vulnerabilities that cybercriminals actively take advantage of. Shoring up cyber defenses is critical for logistics providers and shippers in particular, where a breach can have significant consequences. No matter what your shipment size, where or how fast you need it moved, you can rely on our comprehensive transportation services.

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Partner with a team that leverages talent and technology to drive your business forward. RK Logistics Group has capabilities above and beyond traditional logistics, offering enhanced customized services to meet exacting requirements in a range of specialty areas. Market-leading expertise supporting the events and exhibitions industries. Although we try to list only legit projects we can not be responsible for any issues or loss due to scam.

ICON boasts the most extensive blockchain network in South Korea, and networking opportunities and events will be provided. With anyLogistix you can ensure your supply chain is lean, agile, and robust. Create a digital twin of your supply chain in anyLogistix to get powerful insights, answer what-ifs, and develop your supply chain planning. We are developing a delivery management technology that solves last mile logistics problems.

LogisticsX aims to utilise blockchain technology to create a decentralised platform that will transform last-mile logistics. LogisticsX envisions to set forth a global standard for communications between logistics stakeholders to increase efficiency, transparency, and security in the global parcel delivery network. At the heart of the network, Trustless Connect is our indelible ledger upon which all our parcels will be tracked on. No one Logistics Provider is able to reverse changes without the other knowing.

NextPakk is a delivery service that allows the customer to schedule delivery within a one hour window ensuring the customer is home when the package arrives. NextPakk utilizes blockchain technology to track packages, while protecting customers identity and ensuring timely delivery. For delivery of packages, NextPakk utilizes the shared economy similar to Lyft, Uber, and AirBnB. Individuals can earn additional income on their free time by delivering packages for NextPakk. As of July 25, 2022 CEVA Logistics has completed the acquisition of GEFCO, world expert in supply chain solutions and European leader in automotive logistics. With our combined business, we are now the leading global provider of automotive logistics and the largest France-based logistics company.

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Learn more about our commitment to provide our clients with the most flexible, efficient and secure logistics services available. In our private sale, we received strategic investments that will help LogisticsX in our long-term goals. We are delighted that these investors have placed their strong faith in us and joined us in our journey in revolutionising the Logistics industry with the use of blockchain technology. Learn how anyLogistix can be used in the teaching and learning process. The 2021 Reshoring Index from global consulting firm Kearny reports US companies are relying more heavily on manufacturing from low-cost countries , but sentiment is quickly changing.

Our decentralized network allows independent blockchains with different governances to transact with one another without intermediaries.

Order Fulfillment Our services span assembly, pick and pack, and full-service kitting. Where state-of-the-art technologies complete the efficiency of a human network. Our end-to-end Industrial & Aerospace Services adding value to all parts of the supply chain.

This may not seem cost prohibitive, but with up to 2 billion pallets in use in the U.S. alone, businesses must examine ways to reduce this cost without cutting corners. We offer end-to-end eCommerce service offerings—from inbound supplier management and warehousing fulfillment to transport and customs services to last mile and reverse logistics. We are constantly on the lookout for partners or investors who can help us build our vision and revolutionize the industry with blockchain technology.

Ozark Logistics, LLC is a safety conscious fleet of dry vans, flatbeds, and bulk tankers striving to provide an outstanding customer and vendor experience for every delivery with professional staff and drivers. We run primarily as a dedicated fleet for our sister company, Ozark Materials LLC, which provides us with load availability and stability. There is no bigger driver advocate out there than our staff which is why we are committed to new, comfortable equipment and high safety standards. Arrive is on a relentless pursuit to deliver an unparalleled freight experience by pushing the limits of what is possible. Our partners, team, and technology have made us one of the fastest-growing transportation and technology companies in the United States.

The popularity score combines profile views, clicks and the number of times the company appears in search results. The answer is UPS, according to the 2022 Brand Finance Logistics 25 report. With a brand value of $38.5 billion, UPS has held on to the top spot as the most valuable logistics brand in the world. Since last year’s report, the company’s brand value has increased by 28%. With locations and projects throughout the country, Jones is constantly looking for great people with unparalleled character to join our family. Our people are our business, and we are driven to achieve the highest employee satisfaction throughout their logistics careers.

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Inbound Logistics editors select 75 companies going above and beyond to prioritize green initiatives and help global supply chains become more sustainable. These companies are dedicated to developing and implementing best practices that leave a positive footprint on the world. Readers shine a light on the most significant information lapses and data gaps in the supply chain, from transportation siloes to the lack of visibility into suppliers. The 2022 Retail and Sustainability Survey from global business applications firm CGS illustrates the demand for sustainability, even at the cost of losing expedited shipping times.

If you are interested, do drop us a message and we would be happy to explore collaborations. TRIVE (previously known as “TRi5 Ventures”), is an early stage Southeast Asia focused Venture Capital firm based in Singapore. TRIVE has provided more than 1500 one-to-one advisory session, advising more than 800 startup founders and supporting 40+ startups in various domains. With the investment from Deblock, will receive full technical and business support from the ICON and Deblock Team.

From domestic air, to surface and specialized transportation, we offer flexible pick-up, transport, and delivery options to match every supply chain requirement. Together we have a global workforce of more than 110,000 people across 1,300 sites and more than 170 countries, delivering responsive logistics solutions for our customers. Inchain Capital believes that LogisticsX is able to disrupt and enhance the Logistics Industry with blockchain technology and create entirely new markets and business models. We have developed Senpex API to integrate with different e-commerce &… As corporations become increasingly focused on ESG initiatives, their supply chain and logistics partners respond with tools and services designed to help them grow sustainability and other goals.

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